VICE News Shifts Into a Serious News Outlet

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.17.21 PM

VICE News remains a liberal news outlet, but seems to shift its concentration on the subject of politics. VICE News is known for covering controversial topics such as drugs and sex, but lately the front page of its website presents mostly news about USA government and laws, and President Trump.

It is not uncommon for VICE News to cover the unpredictability of President Trump, but with tensions rising between the FBI and the government about Trump’s relations with Russia, many of the articles focus on the different angles of the situation. Hard news articles show more professionalism, in the sense that they are objective and have a richer vocabulary, but still maintain a straightforward style that is representative of their character. Even if the article is a hard news piece, most headlines are sarcastic and very colloquial, which grasps the attention of its young, millennial audience.

On the other hand, VICE News Instagram account continues to promote most of its news through short clips or animated designs in order to get the audience to read the caption and click on the article that will lead them to the website. The Instagram account, which has 368,000 followers, shows a diverse and international range of unheard news.

From this last two months, VICE News seems to be changing into a more serious news outlet. Before, the front page consisted of opinion and drug related posts, but with the instability of the new US administration, VICE News appears it wants to be taken as a legitimate news outlet and not just a radical millennial social media page.


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